Do it by yourself, start with every negligible and simple thing.


Do it by yourself, start with every negligible and simple thing.

Club Experience

Seize every opportunity that comes one after another and connect them together into a special experience.


Participate in the hosting talent training camp and take a photo with DJ Arnie.


Selected as the campus correspondent of "Central Taiwan Broadcasting Station" to record the program "Campus Youth Record".

During the first training, the radio station staff took us to the recording studio to learn about various equipment in the recording studio. Unexpectedly, there are hundreds of organs in a small recording studio, and even the sound-proof sponge on the wall is well-made.Recording is very different from event hosting. The former needs to pay special attention to the tone and clarity of the voice, and pays attention to the precise expression of the content of the manuscript; the latter needs to clearly convey the message to the audience, and it also tests the on-the-spot reaction and the persuasiveness of attracting the audience's attention. After familiarizing myself with the recording, I will focus on improving the ability to host events and continue to challenge the school stage, such as the certificate handover ceremony for the head of the student organization, Christmas flash mob activities, etc.


Serve as the host of school events.

To overcome difficulties is to let yourself grow

In the second semester of my freshman year, I took the "Sun Moon Project" offered by the School of Social Innovation. The goal is to let students use design thinking to solve practical problems in enterprises. Our mission is to create travel itineraries suitable for certain groups of companies, with school teachers and industry professionals to teach the basic concepts of business and tourism. Because the school does not have a tourism-related department, every student is re-absorbing knowledge in the field of tourism, and spends a lot of energy on data collection and business analysis. I learned hold the stage steadily and excellent data collation techniques from my seniors in my junior and senior years. The group proposals also won the approval of most of the teachers under the perfect division of labor and cooperation.


Group photo of the final report of the Sun Moon Project team and the teacher.

If you have something you want to accomplish in college, take the first step and try it.

Divide the goal into several smaller tasks, and start from the simplest, so that you will not feel that the goal is far away and difficult to achieve.

By|Department of Finance CHEN,PENG-YU

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